Raising Funds For Life-Saving Defibrillators In Your Local Community

Proudly working in partnership with Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC).

Supported and proudly sponsored by many companies, individuals, pubs, community groups within Weston-Super-Mare and the surrounding areas including our the MP for Weston-Super-Mare, John Penrose.

[Above Photo Named]: ‘Full Fleet With Helimed 65’ – Sent By GWAAC.

Raising Awareness for Defibrillators
Donate For Defib Weston-super-Mare Project is a  project dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of defibrillators and raising funds to put further defibrillators out within our local community. We offer to put defibrillators in businesses and other locations to help save lives in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. Our project is proudly working in partnership with GWAAC and we have a highly professional team that includes RAF medic, nurses, surgeons, electricians, and more.

We are currently also working with various organisations to raise awareness, and regular updates will be made available via this Website and our Enthuse Page (Link is below), we have the full support of John Penrose, our local MP for Weston-super-Mare and our current mayor.

We believe that having access to defibrillators is crucial in saving lives, and we are passionate about making this life-saving technology available to everyone. If you’d like to support our cause and help us raise awareness for defibrillators, please consider making a donation or getting involved with our organisation.

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Weston Mercury archive for our project

With many thanks to the Weston Mercury’s involvement and dedication to putting our project on the map, we are now able to create an archive of all our project development and future work in order to support our local community!

Upcoming Fundraising Events See Poster Below With a Countdown Till The Event!